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Ed Dwight, Sculptor

I am honored to be considered for the designing and creating of this important monument to the historic struggle and triumphal experience of the African American community in the State of Texas. I have a wealth of experience in the design and development of such projects and hope to bring my creative skills and background to bear, and to provide a full visual expression of the African American involvement in the history and evolution of Texas, from Mexican territory, to the Republic of Texas, and to ultimate Statehood.

It is with great excitement that I approach the design of this monument to honor the Black experience. From the original Black explorer, Estevanico De Dorantes in 1528, to the Black slaves, Freedmen, sharecroppers, laborers, black visionaries, cowboys, farmers, educators, athletes, musicians, artists, legislators and even astronauts, whose years of toil & labor, picked the cotton, farmed the land, built & enriched America for little in return. This monument will also be dedicated to the Black heroes & heroines that fought valiantly and died to bring justice and Civil Rights to the State of Texas.

Historically, my first art series was entitled “Black Frontier Spirit in the American West,’ where I depicted the Buffalo Soldiers, Black Pioneers, Frontiersmen, Trappers and Cowboys in every environment possible; including a tribute to the famous rodeo cowboy Bill Pickett, from Travis County, Texas. The series was composed of some 50+ images of the Black contribution to the opening of the West, including the eighteen (18) African American Medal of Honor recipients. Since this initial historic effort, I have created more than 110 memorials, monuments and public art installations dedicated to the African American experience.

Other notable commissions include: the South Carolina African American History Memorial, on the South Carolina Capitol grounds in Columbia; two Underground Railroad Memorials in the State of Michigan; several Dr. King Memorials throughout the U.S.; the John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Memorial, dedicated to the 1921 Tulsa Riots; and most recently the official Inaugural Scene, ‘Inauguration of Hope,’ honoring the historic inaugural, President Obama, his family and Chief Justice John Roberts. Other memorials under development are the ‘Cotton Picker’s Monument & Sharecroppers Interpretive Center’ on the Mississippi Delta, a memorial to the great Civil Rights advocate Medgar Evers, and an Underground Railroad Memorial in Paterson, NJ.

Locally, in the State of Texas, I have created the Memorial to Congressman Mickey Leland, at Houston’s Intercontinental Airport and a Memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. installed at Hermann Park in Houston, TX.

–Ed Dwight, Sculptor


The Texas African American History Memorial Foundation is created to raise funds for the construction and dedication of a monument honoring African American Texans and their contributions to our great state. View the model on display in the Agricultural Museum of the Texas State Capitol,  at 1100 N. Congress Ave., Austin TX 78701.